Ride to Recovery 12-Hour Challenge 2018 has now finished

05 May 2018

Matthew Keenan - Tour de France commentator

The Royal Melbourne Hospital is a place you never want to use but are eternally grateful if you do. 

After a crash, while cycling, in March 2009 I was airlifted to the Royal Melbourne Hospital. They put my face back together, with 65 stitches, and nursed me back to health as I recovered from fracturing my occipital condyle.                          

I'd never heard of this bone before, and on discovering that it's at the base of the skull connecting with the first vertebra, I was thankful it was minor fracture and relieved to be in such good hands.  

A key part of my recovery was getting back on a stationary bike, with a neck brace on, and in April I'll be Riding to Recover to give a little back.

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